Matmazel Online

From a 3.10x ROAS to a 4.80x ROAS in 30 Days

Matmazel Online is a premium clothing brand known in Turkey. They offer clothes for women’s wear made from luxurious and sustainable fabrics at an accessible price point. From a 3.10x ROAS to a 4.80x ROAS ( what we spent on Ads, we have earned 4.80x more) in 30 days.


Results & Stats

We helped Matmazel’s owner, Ani leverage celebrity endorsements to increase credibility among customers, reduce cart abandonment, increase content of Instagram and Facebook and go from 3.10x ROAS to achieving 4.80X ROAS within 30 days.


  • Matmazel Online had tried plenty of agencies before, but none of them were able to help her break past even 3x ROAS.
  • Cost per purchase was a hefty TL400.14. Considering the break even cost per purchase was TL420, it just wasn’t a sustainable
  • High Cart abandonment: 60% of those who added items to their cart didn’t end up making a purchase.


  • We leveraged celebrity endorsements, such as increasing follower and share daily life on their company’s instagram, to increase credibility among customers.


Matmazel Online went from 3.10x ROAS to an impressive 4.80x ROAS in just 30 days.

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