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The platform has over 1 billion active users, which means that it opens incredible potential for businesses to reach their target audiences by posting real and creative TikTok Ads.

According to a recent study by Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses that leverage TikTok services experience an average engagement rate of 17.96%, significantly higher than other social media platforms.


Users Reach out a brand on Tiktok


User spent times by watchıng TikTok vıdeos

Partnering with a skilled TikTok Ads Management Agency can unlock a myriad of benefits for your business:

Viral Potential:

As we have seen, TikTok Ads Agency possesses the knowledge of developing engaging content that has a high likelihood of going viral, which is something that can benefit you and your business significantly.

Precise Targeting:

With the help of more sophisticated targeting, the best ads on TikTok can be promoted directly to your primary audience according to their demographics, interests, and behavior.

Creative Expertise:

Data-Driven Optimization:

If you work with a TikTok Ads Agency, that agency can keep an eye on your campaigns and make adjustments as needed so your money is being spent as effectively as possible.


What's Included In The TikTok Ads Agency Service?

When you partner with a top-tier TikTok Ads Agency, you can expect a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize your return on investment:


Strategy development


Ad creation and copywriting

The agency’s creative team will create high quality and captivating creative assets such as texts, images, videos and exciting copy to appeal to the target audience.


Audience targeting

With the help of TikTok’s extensive targeting options, the agency will pinpoint the target audience and divide it into categories that are relevant to the product, such as demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations.


Campaign setup and management

The agency will be responsible for the technical side of the ad accounts such as the spending, bidding, placements and overall scheduling of the ads.


Performance monitoring and optimization


Reporting and analysis

Reports on the campaign performance will be prepared and shared with the client, so they could follow the results of the advertising campaign and make the proper decision on the further advertisement strategies.


Why Work With Us?

Acquire access to our top-secret methods, which have helped us spend $2 million on Meta Advertisements, LinkedIn Ads and produce over $10 million in revenue for thousands of clients across sectors.

  • Fivertu E-commerce Digital Marketing Agency’s excellent team will script, design, edit, launch, administer, optimize, and scale all of your campaigns without you having to lift a single finger.
  • Gain access to our constant “Ad Profits Method” that creates 7x ROAS for Ecommerce Businesses 


Increased ROAS ( Return On Ads Spend)


Revenue generated for our clients

$1K - $500K+

Monthly ad budgets managed

Pinpoint Target Audience Selection For TikTok Ads

We leverage TikTok’s powerful targeting options, including:


Age and gender:

These demographic areas are age, gender, income and whether or not the person has children.

Geographic locations:

Adverts can be focused to particular country, city, or even district, and that means that the campaigns will reach the intended regions only.

Interests and behaviors:

TikTok enables advertisers to adverts to be placed strategically for people based on their interests, hobbies and any activity they are involved in online.

Device types:

Advertisers can reach out to the users who have had prior contact with the client’s website or mobile application, as this will help in the conversion of such users into buyers since they are being presented with ads relevant to their interests.

Advanced audience segmentation:

For TikTok Ads, agencies can select certain keywords and phrases relevant to the client’s product or service to be placed in the ad so that the ad appears when users are searching for such terms.

Tools Help Us

Boost E-Commerce Shop in 6 Steps

E-commerce brands can acquire and retain new customers using solutions that span the entire customer journey.

Video Call Strategy Session

Your brand are introduced to our dedicated account manager and the broader Fivertu Agency team by video call. Detailed onboarding sessions take place to gather essential assets and access necessary for campaign setup


Payment and Contract Agreement

Fivertu proceed to make a secure payment for the chosen services. Simultaneously, you need to review and accept the terms of service and agreement.


Accounts Setup and Launch

Once the strategy is finalized, Fivertu Agency proceeds to set up and launch the ad campaign. This phase involves technical aspects such as configuring ad accounts, setting up tracking mechanisms, and implementing the planned strategy. 


Regular Reporting

Ongoing communication is a key component. You will receive regular updates on the progress of their campaigns, allowing you to track key performance indicators and understand the impact of Fivertu Agency’s efforts. 


Ongoing Support

Monthly reports provide a detailed overview, including insights into improvements made and areas identified for optimization. 


Increase Your Sales

By providing a comprehensive suite of services, personalized strategies, ongoing support, and adaptive optimization, We aim to contribute to the your brand’s success by increasing your sales in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 


TikTok Ads Management

  • Monthly Budget To Spend Ads 2000€ +
  • Keywords Research
  • Pinpoint Target Audience For E-Commerce
  • A/B Testing
  • Ads Budget Management 
  • Data Management
  • On-going Customer Support – Technical Support
  • Monthly Report - 1 Video Call

What is TikTok Ads Format?


In-Feed Ads:

These native ads disappear into the users’ “For You” feeds and align with the organic content for the best reach and interaction.

Brand Takeover Ads:

Interstital ads are the large format ads that come as soon as the user launches the TikTok app and opens the main page of the application.

TopView Ads:

Prominent and attention grabbing, TopView ads guarantee that the targeted message is the very first thing users encounter in the application.

Branded Hashtag Challenges:

Engage the community through the use of branded hashtag challenges that will help create content and draw more people into the social media pages.

With professional assistance from our TikTok Ads Agency, you will be able to safely and effectively explore the sphere of viral marketing and maximize the potential of this tool.

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TikTok Ads FAQ's

TikTok ads is a platform that enables business entities to create and execute short videos on the TikTok platform and target TikTok’s vast and active population.


Targeting areas include age, gender, interests, behaviors, languages, locations, device types, and more.


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